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always positive 

Congratulations Mari, You did it!

 5th anniversary of  stopping insulin completely!

Thank you for being part of our team. 

Mari  is a fighter, determined and relentless to get better, always with a joyful and positive attitude. 

In order to qualify for her islet transplant Mari needed to quit smoking. I was skeptical  that this was something she could tackle due to her long smoking history. But she did it !!! She looked at me and said: "ok, I quit", just like that she was done smoking (although I am sure it was not as easy as she made it look. 


After the transplant, she needed 9 months of additional medications compared to other transplant patients that were accompanied by bad side effects. But again, she did it  and again with a positive attitude. She did it, she went though that too. 

On the day we told her  she was ready to stop insulin, she was so excited that she tripped and broke her elbow. She went through two surgeries and a long road to a fully recovery. 

Mari, you have been the inspiration for all of us, you never give up and always bring a smile with you!

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