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" I have been extremely lucky to have extraordinary mentors in my  professional life.  The best of the best- surgeons, physicians and scientists, pioneers in the field of transplantation and hernia repair. They continuously inspire me to work hard, keep improving, keep looking for answers and share my experience with others. They have  all helped me by opening doors to the next step of my career and personal life. They have been guiding me throughout my life. I am very thankful to my mentors for all that they have done for me. Now, I give back by mentoring new, young physicians and researchers in their professional lives. "







Mark A Hardy MD
Mark A Hardy MD

Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital

New York, NY    

Pioneer in Kidney Transplantation


Professor of Surgery,

Founder of Kidney and Islet Transplantation Program at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Founder of the New York Organ Donor Network, organ procurement organization in New York City in 1978.


Dr Hardy gave me a unique chance for my career and new life in the USA. I owe him the most. As my mentor, he has guided me in my professional and personal life and supported me all those years.        I was so lucky that he pushed me into research with islet transplantation, which has remained my main field of interest till today. It was such a great experience to work for him, that I spent over 6 years in his laboratory. Under Dr .Hardy's leadership, we performed the first islet transplant at Columbia Presbyterian in 2004.


Must watch- Interview with Dr Hardy about first clinical kidney transplants in US in 1960-ties >>.

"Clearly, I have been very fortunate in my professional life. I was so lucky to have a chance to work with extraordinary mentors, pioneers in the field, not only outstanding surgeons and leaders but also fantastic teachers eager to share their experience and wisdom. I owe all of them a lot, as giving me a chance, they inspired me to work hard and helped take my professional and personal life to the highest level.  

Now, I have been trying to give back by training and mentoring many young physicians and researchers approaching me for help, giving them a chance to be even more successful."

Thank you all.  



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