Julia Solomina MD 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2015-2017

Omid Savari MD 

Postdoctoral Research 

Fellow, 2012-2015

Julia came to us after her surgical training in Moscow, Russia. Currently, she is a general surgery resident at Allegheny Hospital, Pittsburg , PA. 

Omid came for research training from Iran.

Currently, he is a pathology resident in Cleveland, OH 

Randall Grose PhD 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2015-2016

Ryosuke Misawa MD PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2010-2012

Randall came to us for training from Australia. Currently, he is back home and works as ACRF Research Fellow in South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) in Adelaide, Australia 

Ryosuke came from Japan after his surgical training and PhD. Currently, he is  general surgery resident at Sunny Downstate University, Brooklyn, NY, 

Zehra Tekin MD 
Postdoctoral Research 

Fellow, 2014-2015

Xiao-JunWang MD PhD
Postdoctoral Research

Fellow, 2011-2013

Zehra, originally from Turkey, has already finished her medical residency in Queens, NY and started her fellowship in endocrinology in Cleveland Clinic, OH.  

Xiao-Jun came for his research fellowship, he then went back to China to defend his PhD thesis and completed his surgical training. Currently,  heworks as an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Military University Hospital, in China. 

Evelyn Konsur MD, 
Research Volunteer 


Sabrina Matosz MD 

Research Volunteer,


Evelyn is from Chicago, but obtained her medical training in Krakow, Poland.  Currently, she is a Pediatrics resident in Cleveland, OH.  but she has recently match for Fellowship in Immonology and Allergology at Rush University in Chicago, IL. 

Congratulation Evelyn!

Sabrina, a native of Alabama, graduated from  Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland. This year, she matched to a Internal Medicine residency at the University of Alabama. Congratulations Sabrina!

Natalie Fillman, MD 
Research Administrator 

Research Fellow 


Mark is from Chicago and graduated from Jagiellonian Medical University in Krakow. He completed a 1 month surgical elective with us, followed by extensive training in clinical research as a volunteer. This year, Mark matched for a pediatric residency program at Layola University Medical Center in Chicago. Congratulation Mark!

Natalie was born and raised in Chicago, but  she accomplished her medical training at Medical University ion Poznan in Poland. She was essential for the progress of own clinical research projects as administrator and a research fellow. Now, she decided to purse her career in business and administration with special interest in US health care system. . 

Mark Kijek MD, 
Research Volunteer 


Monica Para, MD 
Research Administrator


Filip Antic MD, 
Research Volunteer 


Filip is from Chicago but graduated from Medical University of Belgrad in Serbia.

Filip matched with an Internal Medicine Program in Bronx, NY. Congratulation Filip!

Monica was born and raised in Chicago too. She accomplished her medical training at Jagiellonian Medical University in Krakow in Poland. 

This year, she matched into internal medicine in Tampa, FL. Congratulation Monica! 

Kamil Cieply MD, 
Research Volunteer 


Kamil  is from Chicago but graduated from Medical University of Lublin in Poland

Kamil matched with Family Medicine Program in Michigan State University, MI.

Congratulation Kamil!

Roi Atenby MD


Aaron Lucander

Student- Collaborator 

Roi is from Tel Aviv University Israel, was accepted to a clinical surgical elective in the transplant service at UCM. After excelling in the clinical elective, he was enthusiastic in joining our research team as a project collaborator. His work focuses on the results of islet transplants in type 1 Diabetes Mellitus patients and the role of autoantibodies as possible future biomarkers.

Recently, Roi has been accepted to the  Harvard School of Public Health Program. 

After graduation from college (Duke University) Aaron  and plans to attend medical school. His strong interests in clinical transplantation and autoimmunity motivated him to collaborate with our team.

This year Aaron has been accepted to the MD PhD Program this year. Congratulation Aaron, well deserved.!






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