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June 2014

... I feel good, and I know there is a lot of apprehension going on between patients and loved ones of patients lately.  I just want you to know, this islet transplant, and especially the program at U of C, has been an absolutely incredible life changing action for me that I wouldn't change for the world.  All I have to do is look back to life on insulin and the pump and constant worry and I know this was the BEST decision ever.


November 2014

...Today marks the 31st anniversary of my diagnosis with T1D. Back then, my blood sugar without any insulin was 1,629. After an IV drip, it came down to 869. Today with only 5 units of Lantus, the past several days (haven't really needed any Novolog and my islets are responding in the right timeframe, my BG is 108. I want to thank you both for this unbelievable gift and no matter how cranky or stubborn I get, I will be eternally thankful to you both and everyone in Chicago, North Carolina and Arizona, including my donor, who made this possible.

Dec 2015

Hi! Feeling good-blood sugars leveled out so I stopped insulin again as of Monday because even one unit is too much now and I've been exercising more. Cough is gone, foot is healed, and I just got accepted to graduate school!!! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is supposed to be 68 degrees here!!! Thank you for being a huge part of what has made me so thankful, so blessed, and so fortunate to pursue my dreams and live a healthy, happy life!

 See you in the New Year!!!

January 2016 

Picture above-...Thought of all of you when I found this heavenly place! 

April- 1 year  off insulin!!!

November 2018

Although Shannon  eventually needed some insulin suport for optimal glucose control , she still had not been experiencing severe hypoglycemic episodes. Nevertheless, she asked and she received a whole pancreas transplant , which allowed her to be again insulin free.

May 2019

It has been uneventful but full of  joy 6 months off insulin since her pancreas transplant. 

She continue taking the same anti rejection medication as after islet infusion. Happier than ever!

November 2020

2 years with no diabetes after a pancreas transplant!

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