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Teacher and runner

Sue travelled to Chicago from Europe for her islet transplant over 7 years ago. She became insulin independent after her second islet transplant and later required a third one to extend  her time off insulin.


Unfortunately, she developed chronic headaches possibly due to  one of anti-rejection medications needed to protect the islets. She chose living with headaches rather than lowering the dose of anti-rejection medication, which may lead to islet failure and recurrence of severe hypoglycemic episodes.  


Despite that Sue strongly feels that her quality of life has substantially improved since her islet transplants. It has been 11 years of taking anti-rejection medications  and 8 years off insulin. 

Aug 2018,  

....I still have headaches, but my blood sugars are great. I still wouldn't change a thing. I had a bad dose of flu early in the year. It lasted a long time but mu sugars were hardly affected....

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