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in her dress

'... no pump, finally could wear my dress without  trying to hide that bulky device..."  :)

Judy received first islet transplants   4 years ago. Since then has enjoyed  improved glucose control and got married,


She also required 2 more  islet infusions, spent some time off insulin, has good glucose control (A1c 4.8) now requiring 10u of insulin a day.    

I was born with T1DM but wasn't diagnosed until my first birthday, when I almost died. My Mom went to my room...and found me blue and my bed mattress soaking wet.....

....From the time I could talk, I started praying for a cure....

.... After stopping my insulin and disconnecting my pump I was so happy...Even more when I  realize that I could finally wear a tight dress :). 

.....Considering that it is a clinical trial, I have had few setbacks, but I still closer to being free of diabetes than before and most of islet are still working....

....I wholeheartedly thank everyone involved with the study and who have played or will play a part in my transplants. I am ready for my next one.  


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