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Whitney had her islet transplant 1 month ago. 

While she is recovering and islets are still engrafting, her blood glucose is already just perfect, 99% in range. 

"I'm so very thankful. It is a huge blessing to me. I have never had such a good blood sugar control and I still can't believe it, I check my CGM all the time and show it to everyone around!

I am also grateful to my pancreas donor and  their families for their generous gift, which gace me chance for a new life without insulin. 


I would like to thank the entire team of LifeGift- organ procurement organization in Texas.; KyAndra, David,  Manny, surgeon- Dr. Onaca, who behind the scene tirelessly  recovered organs for transplantation, as well as their leaders Kevin, Patrick and Patricia for their decisions expediting the organ procurement and providing i donor  pancreas for islet  isolation and transplantation to Chicago".

I was only 5 when I was diagnosed with T1DM.  I was too young to know what was happening to me... I struggled with diabetes my whole life. The disease didn’t just limit my diet. I couldn’t be very active and too much stress would cause her blood sugar to bottom out. Diabetes didn’t just take a toll on me physically, but both mentally and emotionally...

...I got to the point where this was no quality of life. I couldn’t go and do with my kids. I didn’t have the energy. I didn’t have the stamina. And to miss so many things like I was missing, it was just- it was eating away at me,..

..I remember tears of relief and hope when I learnt about islet transplantation and that I am not the only one with my problem...

...After the islet transplant my life has completely changed and the sky is the limit. I am looking forward to being able to do things with her family and her children that she couldn’t before.

...I can’t explain the joy, the hope, you know, just the things I’m looking forward to now."

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