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Whitney had her islet transplant 1 month ago. 

While she is recovering and islets are still engrafting, her blood glucose is already just perfect, 99% in range. 

"I'm so very thankful. It is a huge blessing to me. I have never had such a good blood sugar control and I still can't believe it, I check my CGM all the time and show it to everyone around!

I am also grateful to my pancreas donor and  their families for their generous gift, which gace me chance for a new life without insulin. 


I would like to thank the entire team of LifeGift- organ procurement organization in Texas.; KyAndra, David,  Manny, surgeon- Dr. Onaca, who behind the scene tirelessly  recovered organs for transplantation, as well as their leaders Kevin, Patrick and Patricia for their decisions expediting the organ procurement and providing i donor  pancreas for islet  isolation and transplantation to Chicago".

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