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5th anniversary
Judy F

For the last 20 years Tawana suffered from severe lows especially at night, so she practically did not sleep, checking her BG every hour.  Her brothers needed to check on her constantly. 

Now, she is off insulin with A1c 5.5


Congratulations Tawana! 

“ Tawana is our new patient. For over the last 20 years, she suffered from severe lows, especially at night. She practically could not sleep checking her BG every hour.  

Her family members received alarms day and night about her sudden lows with her shared CGM. She was found frequently unconscious in different places, last occurrence was alone in the elevator. After the death of her mother, her brother Layton took over her watch; checking on her and responding to accidents due to severe lows. 

Now, she is off insulin with A1C 5.5 after her first islet transplant. Tawana and the entire family can finally rest and sleep through the night. 

Brittle diabetes did not stop Tawana from helping others. Although unable to finish nursing school, she graduated from college with a major in Psychology. She has been working all her life as a social worker helping patients in nursing homes. 


Congratulations Tawana! All the best. 


Tawana with her brothers Clifford and Layton as well as her daughter Ashley.

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