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Nick's Bicep

The moment when Nick stopped using his insulin pump. There were enough islets engrafted for him to be insulin independent!

May, 2021

  • Nick celebrated his 4 years off insulin.

  • This year, he also intensified his training and run two half marathons!.


Congratulations Nick, you are the champion!.

Hi Doc,

Saying 'thank you' seems to only scratch the surface of gratitude we feel for the opportunity to participate in this program. You and Lindsay have literally been there for me (in person and virtually) 24 hours a day.


Your enthusiasm, patience, support and advocacy for me has been overwhelmingly positive - the innovation and care this program offers should be models for how clinicians work with patients. You both have made a massive difference in my life.


After just 34 days I feel healthier, more energetic and more in control of my disease than I've felt for 20 years - while this program is currently a clinical trial, the positive impact it had made in my life and in the life of my family is immeasurable.


Thank you for helping me take my life back.




May 2021, 4 years insulin free, Ac1 5.0

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