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Liz L
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Islets after

Kidney Transplant


Liz celebrates 1 year off insulin 

after only one islet transplant.


Congratulations Liz!

Liz struggled with diabetes most of her life and eventually her kidneys were damaged so much that she required hemodialysis. 


She received a living donor kidney transplant 5 years ago. However, afterwards, her blood glucose control was even more labile and her A1c increased to above 10. 


Exactly a year ago, Liz received a single islet transplant and now she celebrates her first year living off insulin with optimal blood glucose and HbA1c of 5.5!


For peopel like Liz who require take daily immunosuppression medication to protect their kidney transplant rom rejection, islet transplantation brings pure benefit of optimal blood glucose control and life without insulin.


Her dogs, Whitley and Reuben are happier than ever celebrating together with Liz.

Liz and dogs.jpg
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