Judy with husband.jpg

Judy and Pat, her husband who came straight all the way from Japan to support her, Picture taken day 1 after islet transplant

Now, they are celebrating One Year  off insulin 


Congratulations! You've made it!

“After completing thestudy of Sernova's Cell Pouch for clinical islet transplantation and as the first transplant candidate, I can easily state how absolutely wonderful life is to be free of always thinking of how to manage my diabetes. After having T1D for 47 years with approximately 21,535 injections of various cow/pig, synthetic insulins, 34,310 finger sticks, 1,460 urine tests, 15 years on the pump, carbohydrate counting, blood tests, low blood sugar reactions, and doctors…doctors and more doctors’ visits, I have now been free of the need for injectable insulin for 14 months. My Sernova team of invaluable scientists, doctors, engineers, and Dr. Witkowski, and the University of Chicago's support staff have done this truly amazing feat right in the middle of a worldwide pandemic! My only wish is that it could have been done sooner.”

Judy celebration.jpg

2021 March, Judy and Pat celebrating one year insulin independence with the Islet Transplant Team in Chicago.

Judy Baseball.jpg

Day 4 after islet transplant, Judy with family enjoyed Chicago Cubs game

(pre-Covid time)