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John received a kidney transplant from his sister Veronica, when he was only 39 years old. 

 Unfortunately, diabetes progressed even more and he lost both of his leg soon after. 


Now, 5 years later he received an islet transplant and has been 6 months insulin independent

Despite young age diabetes affected not only John's eyes, nerves, and kidneys but also his heart and blood vessels. When his kidneys failed and he ended up on dialysis, he was already to sick to receive whole pancreas transplantation.

John's sister Veronica, a nurse, did not hesitate and  donated  her kidney, so John could have better life and be off dialysis.  Unfortunately, despite that, John lost both of his legs due to progression of his diabetes over the next few years. Nevertheless, he did not give up,  recovered and now walks on his prosthetics. 

Nevertheless, diabetes did not stop damaging his internal organs. Recently, he required special therapy for his eyes. 


Yesterday, Jan 27, 2022, John receive his islet transplantation in our center and chance for new insulin an diabetes free life. Transplant was possible due to the outstanding  team of the Organ Procurement  Organization in the New York  City (, which identified and offered an appropriate pancreas donor was for islet isolation.


Although still  not reimbursed by the  insurance,  islet transplantation is the only option for John and patient like him to stop the diabtes and progression of the complications.

His blood glucose control has improved instantly.


John and his wife Gabriela are grateful and looking forward to spending together better and longer life. John as a big Chicago Bulls fun is excited about most recent Bulls wins and hopes, as we all, for another Michael Jordan's era in Chicago. 

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