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an athlete

Demetrius has  been insulin fee over 3 years after 

his pancreas transplant. 


Demetrius is an athlete. He exercises in gym everyday. 

Severe lows not only prevented him from exercising but were compromising his and his family. daily life.


His wife found online our islet transplant program.  Islet transplantation allowed him to better control his blood glucose in saafe range. It also  prevented from severe lows, confusion. He was back in gym and fully active. for several years..


Unfortunately, with time his islet  graft function declined and decided to proceed with pancreas transplant. Since his kidney function was suboptimal as well he received kidney transplant at the same time.. 

He has been living without insulin support for over 3 years with A1c  of 5.5 and normal kidney function.

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